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Here's What You'll Get: 
  • ​​A live and active sourdough starter mailed directly to your doorstep.
  • ​5  core videos explaining the entire fermented baking process in detail from first reintroducing wheat to your diet, to making an artisan deep ferment classic sourdough.
  •  5 tips and tricks videos to help you become an extremely fast and efficient baker.
  •  Quick guide PDFs to lead you seamlessly through the video recipes and processes.
  •  BONUS: Dark Bread Recipe to kickstart your journey of making flavored loaves.
  •  BONUS: Preserving your starter video: The information here will enable you to never kill your starter, even if you don't care for it for months!
  • ​BONUS: Prove It! PDF guide containing links that explain how the fermentation process is scientifically proven to help people get gluten back in their diets. 

"Before I found Time Traveler's Bread, I HADN'T HAD BREAD IN YEARS due to the side effects of high carb food. But with Time Traveler's sourdough, I don't have the headaches, nausea, or fatigue that I felt with other foods."

- Bethanie S.

"As Someone with a gluten sensitivity, I lovingly call this MAGIC BREAD, because it's made with high quality ingredients, it's nutritious, my body can digest it, and it's the most delicious bread."

- Megan S.

" I LOVE THAT I HAVE BREAD BACK, and not only do I have bread back, it's the best bread! My skin issues are gone, but bread is back!"

- Ginger P.

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